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Feature & Statement walls 


Feature walls are walls in a room or throughout a property that are used as a design feature. They are sometimes called accent walls and can be an effective and attractive way to update a living space with minimal cost. A feature wall can be a focal point in a room and should be incorporated into the overall design, rather than being left plain or lifeless. In addition to painting, feature walls can also be

created using wallpaper or fabrics. It is important to consider the overall design, including furnishings, fabrics, textures, and colors, when creating a feature wall. There are many options to choose from, including aesthetic wall panel designs and handcrafted wood paneling. It is important to go with your personal preference when choosing a design for a feature wall.

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Feature walls are walls in a room or property that are used as a design feature. They are sometimes referred to as accent walls and can be an effective and attractive way to update a living space with minimal cost. These walls can be used in a single room or throughout a property and can help to create a dream interior. We at Mid Cornwall Decorators like to think of this as more of a focal point.


Along with everything else in the room, it should have a smooth flowing movement of chi (we call it energy). Beautifully designed within décor furnishings, created in harmony together with your remaining walls. Remember, they are still important, and a vital part of your integral design, so rather than being left plain/bold and lifeless walls. Incorporate them!


Not just paint...

When considering feature wall designs, painting a wall a different color or adding wallpaper are popular options. While these can be effective and affordable, there are also opportunities to create something more unique by adding wallpaper with a fabric texture or incorporating design elements such as a warmth/glow, think of a cosy chic Moroccan, Mexican, or Spanish theme. The design choices are varied and can be tailored to personal taste.

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Let your energy flow. Open up your mind. Let your creative juices flow. Engage with the flow of chi, understand the feelings of chi, and how this impact would make you feel when you’ve created a tasteful room (and as if you’ve already captured it) there’s a huge difference between the two you see. Imagine yourself sitting completely comfortable with it, revelling in it, feeling the existence of it, the smooth flow of chi throughout. Your space, remember it’s yours to create.

Remember the feature wall is not just about picking a wall and being done with it.. no’s about decorating the whole room around that feature to draw it into the scheme of things, the focal really becoming that focal point of interest and not just (ooh a feature wall) so think carefully about furnishings fabrics textures styling and colours, maybe some window dressing of swags.


Remember you have 1000s of choices at your fingertips, from the power of the internet, so grab a coffee and a snickers bar and be that keyboard warrior looking for more inspiration.


Have you thought about aesthetic wall panel designs?

Have you considered using aesthetic wall panel designs as a feature in your home? One option is bespoke, handcrafted Victorian or Tudor wall paneling, which provides a stylish and authentic 3D look in hardwood or oak. Another cost-effective option is a custom MDF design that can be hand painted or given a patina finish.


Alternatively, it can be finely finished with a sprayed look using an airless machine in your preferred color. There is no "right" or "wrong" choice, as long as you choose a design that reflects your personal taste and style. It is advisable to take your time and do some research online to find inspiration and see what is trending in this area. Remember to be creative and go with your heart when making a decision.


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